This page contains links to several pages describing used (second-hand) NanoScope equipment we have for sale and seek to buy.

ASM buys, refurbishes, and sells and installs used AFM and STM equipment.  The equipment shown on these pages is representative of what he have bought and sold in the past.  Similar systems are generally available, but current stock may not match the exact configurations shown here.

Ask us for details of currently available systems.

Would you rather fix what you have then buy?  We also repair NanoScopes.

Equipment we Sell

Equipment we buy

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Why Buy from ASM

Since 1990 we have bene providing skilled analytical services specializing in Atomic Force Microscopy and related techniques.  We have made significatn scientific contributions in AFM.  Since 1993, we have been buying, refurbishing and selling, second-hand NanoScope AFM’s and related equipment for customers around the world.  All the equipment we sell is tested and repaired as needed to meet our professional standards.  We provide skilled techinical support to our customers, covering both instrument operations and application advice.

What Customers Say

“I thought the AFM purchased by Molecular Reflections was an excellent instrument.  No surprises.  I also think that you and your colleagues wanted us to succeed, not only in getting the instrument functioning but beyond, in terms of guidance for techniques and such.  I would highly recommend Advanced Surface Microscopy as a source for renewed equipment.” – Dr. Boyce Collins, USA.

“I always thought it was a great idea to have a company that sells used SPM equiment.  Advanced Surface Microscopy provides an excellent service to the SPM community with its products.” Prof. Ricardo Garcia, CSIC-Madrid Microelectronics Institute, Spain.