This system includes:

  • Dimension 5000 AFM with XY stage and 2 camera systems
  • NanoScope Control Station with NanoScope IIIA controller
  • Dimension AFM scanner
  • D5VAE vibration/acoustic isolation chamber
Dimension 5000 system overview
Dimension 5000 Microscope. Particular features include XY stage, second optical system with widefield camera.
Detail of scanner and wide-field camera
ELCON Electronics Console containing PC (left), NanoScope IIIA controller (top shelf) Nanoscope stage controller (Bottom Shelf). Note that we no longer ship CRT monitors with systems. LCD monitors are available for purchase or you may use your own.

Equipment shown is typical of the model shown but may not represent current stock.  Ask us for details about currently available systems.

We no longer ship CRT PC monitors with systems.  Optional LCD monitors may be purchased.

System commonly ships with a new Windows XP PC.