Our president, Donald A. Chernoff, has reviewed “Indiana Executive Order 20-08 Stay at Home” dated 3/23/2020 .

He concluded that Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc. is an Essential Business. Its activities are included in the “essential” list in Section 14, in three paragraphs:

(p) Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations;
(t) Professional services; and
(u) Manufacture, Distribution, and Supply Chain for Critical Products and Industries.

As a result, Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc, is remaining open during this crisis. We continue to serve our customers worldwide with the help of couriers like Fedex and UPS.  Samples for analysis and equipment for repair continue to arrive.  Analytical results, repaired equipment, refurbished equipment, calibration standards and software continue to ship out.  Remote technical support and consultation continue.  As we do all this, we are taking due care to protect the health of both our employees and our customers.